The CHD Center for Mental Health ( CCMH) is a division of CHD Group working to promote well-being and mental health in India and around the globe. We focus on public mental health issues that impact regions and emerging markets by strengthening communities, building mental health resilience, raising the awareness and responsibility towards mental healthcare and by promoting sustainable development goal number 3.

Headed by our Technical Lead, Alisha Maldar, CCMH specializes in mental health advocacy, communications, monitoring and evaluation, capacity building and grassroot service delivery to boost mental health. We also work with Corporate Companies, Small and medium sized industries, governments to customize the goals towards mental health.

In securing mental health, shall we secure wealth and inner healing. Being driven by the quest to nurture a healthy world, CCMH works with diverse group of stakeholders in shaping mental health across urban and rural heartlands.

Write to us today to collaborate and join hands for the work there is to do.


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