Interns at CHD Group

Are you passionate about addressing public health issues at the grassroots level? Come join us!


An internship with CHD Group allows you to learn more about your chosen professional path while also gaining practical experience that will help you succeed after graduation. It will also assist you gain hands-on experience and insight into the integration of science, policy, and practise in public health by allowing you to work alongside professionals in the field.



Our internship programme is open to students who are pursuing or have just completed an MPH or equivalent degree and want to gain experience in the public health field.



The internship will last two months.

Working Hours: Monday to Saturday – 10:00 am to 5:00 pm



Interns are expected to collaborate with programme professionals and assist with various project programmatic tasks. Staff from the country office will guide them appropriately.

  • Assist in the synthesis of case studies and documenting of lessons learned from CHD Group’s health projects.
  • Assist in the review of literature, synthesis, and secondary data analysis of studies.
  • Assist with tool design and data collection monitoring.
  • Under the supervision of the project team, prepare and revise project-related documentation and presentations.
  • Other duties as required.


CHD is a not for profit organization therefore, the internships offered by the institute are unpaid.

Currently we are offering remote internships. For field based internships, CHD does not provide any accommodation; however, we can assist you in locating safe and affordable accommodation.



The internship shall be considered complete provided the following conditions are met with following which an Internship Completion Certificate will be honoured:


  • TOR (Terms of reference) that he/she is assigned by the team lead is fulfilled.
  • Submission of summary of the internship report to the organization
  • Attendance
  • Asset and data handing over
  • Filling up of the internship feedback form.
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