9 Reasons to Pursue a Master of Public Health Degree

  1. Work professionally but impact socially

Isnt it beautiful to have a job in life where you get to serve others and at the same time put food on the table for yourself too? If you are not driven by sustained greed, then you should choose for yourself a Masters in Public Health (MPH) degree over anything else.

ECIPH is a unit of CHD Group which is a field based public health organization and here you will learn MPH on the go with 70% practical experience and only 30% theory. Dr. Edmond Fernandes, Director, ECIPH and team will give you a rewarding experience of a lifetime.

  • Worldwide Impact

Besides serving society, public health professionals are also involved in worldwide policy initiatives. They can make a global presence by guiding public policies and international programs that are aimed toward improving health of the community and preventing disease outbreaks. Certain public health sectors collect data to analyse statistics and determine trends, thereby developing plans to reduce health-related problems in their respective regions.

  • Government Job Opportunities

Government jobs have various perks of their own. Moreover, government offices have a position for public health workers that can give a much-desired boost to your career. You will get a chance to work with Ministry of Health & Family Welfare and also other Missions of the Ministry upon successfully completing your two year full-time programme

  • Never take up an online MPH Programme

A big mistake people do is to pursue a MPH Programme online. Public health is a field subject, so do not make yourself an IT expert by sitting online and earning a degree in public health. You cannot win battles by not going to battlegrounds.

  • Make a difference and nurture a healthy world

Nurturing a healthy world is a call for the bold. You can make a difference in the lives of so much people by your work and by guiding appropriate policies.

  • Public health is the sexiest profession of the 21st century

Did you know, that public health is the sexiest profession of the 21st century. The way you can be part of this profession is by taking up a MPH Degree.

  • Broad Reaching Impact

While physicians impact their patients’ health on a daily basis, public health professionals can take pride in their efforts that ensure the health of a larger group of people and impact the community as a whole.

  • Incredible growth rate and safe market

The demand for public healthcare professionals has increased multi-fold in recent years. This demand indicates that on-campus MPH degree holders will find employment immediately. According to studies, the public health sector is expected to grow 5% averagely and a post covid-19 world will see sky-rocketing public health initiatives and policies worldwide.

What are you waiting for? Sign up and visit www.eciph.chdgroup.org for a Masters in Public Health now.

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