Meet Dr Pritpal Kaur – Nagaland’s living leadership inspiration

Dr. Pritpal Kaur, IPS was appointed as the First Superintendent of Police of Nagaland’s Youngest District of Noklak that shares the International border of India with Myanmar. Dr. Pritpal’s journey was not restricted to merely being a police officer, but was extended to also leading development and taking the people of Noklak to a new level in life. Her journey continues to be by far an inspiration to anyone who chooses to chase dreams. CHD Group indulges in a brief chat with Dr. Pritpal and hopes her journey will inspire a million more to bring the wind of change needed for social progress and sustainable governance.

  1. Tell us about your journey to reach the uniform? What was your education in and how did you get here ?

I studied BDS in graduation under MDU university. Though I loved to be a doctor and i was gold medalist in my graduation but i wanted to increase my scope of work in society because  my mother(in heavens now) always used to tell me that life and education has a purpose.

Hence, Police service is the best opportunity which has lot of scope to serve most needy people.

2. You were posted as the First Superintendent of Police of a newly formed district, that too a district sharing international borders. What was your experience?

It was challenging but was one of best experience and blessing of my life to be first SP of Noklak district which is at international borders.

All the establishments and works were started from beginning. Though there were some challenges for policing like drugs/insurgency etc and difficulties like infrastructure and logistics but I believe that these all experiences make us stronger and more knowledgeable.

3. Tell us a bit about the people of Noklak, how did they embrace an officer who does not belong to Nagaland?

In beginning I was bit apprehensive about my acceptance since I thought I was an outsider but when we started working and they gave their local tribe name to me i.e Theshao Lam with a song, it was very overwhelming. Tribal people are very talented and cordial.

Respect and love doesn’t have any race, religion or language but they are simply earned and Noklak is a living example of it.

4. While you are a police officer, you are a social development officer as well in informal capacities, how did you get here?

When we started working here, problems of drugs abuse, HIV, scrub typhus, basic education, infrastructure or health facilities etc were noted. A kisan union president approached me once and asked me if i can take them to Punjab/Haryana to teach them scientific farming since many a times they sell their land or cattle to get their children educated or for basic needs. Drugs abuse was also a concern amongst youth. Hence I thought to start a mission with a title of Fighting drugs with education and livelihood.

Response was also very good, many of my coaching students cleared exams and got jobs. Farmer’s societies, Women SHG and chain of young entrepreneurs, machine makers etc have started. Tribal people are fighters and very hard working. Am sure they will fight out those all evils too and win it all.

5.  A lot of youth look upto you as an inspiration, what is your message for them ?

A request for youth is – every profession is important in their own way whether farmer or top executive. We all should give our best fight to reach the Goal. But after we reach our goals, if we don’t help others to reach theirs too then the soul of our human society will die. So please keep helping each other because there is no use of our education if we can’t help others to get educated too.

6. Message for UPSC Aspirants:

UPSC is not only an exam but a test of our patience, dedication, commitment and hard work. Hard work always pays because nothing is impossible. We all should know what to study and what not to. Time management and revision is the mantra. So stay committed to achieve.


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