CHD Group supports over 50,000 farmers across 230 villages of India

CHD Group – a global health organization is supporting farmers across the country with support from Corteva agriscience.  India is heavily dependent on agrarian economy and farm produce to feed the billion beats nation. March to May is harvest season where over 250 lakh quintals of seeds for the kharif season is necessary. This is a very crucial time where farmers make a living usually for a year.

Over 50,000 farmers and farm labourers are being reached door to door by CHD Group where they are being supported with PPEs related to the farms and awareness raising sessions, to safeguard the farmers during movement in supply chains, at community outlets and also to protect them from pesticide spraying, livestock contact and during other work. CHD Group is presently working in 230 villages across the country mobilizing farmers in farmlands and also orienting them to symptoms and signs related to coronavirus spread and what precautions must be taken.

CHD Group as a global health NGO is also guiding farmers & local village communities on Covid19 information and busting myths at the grass-root level where a lot of misinformation, stigma and misleading posts are being circulated by various social media outlets thereby creating panic among farmers as to how coronavirus spreads.

Marking its commitment to the Government of India’s effort to defeat Covid19, CHD Group is linking the agrarian sector with their health needs whenever appropriate at all levels of governance. Farmers operate in this complex ecosystem of interfacing with transport departments, testing labs and packaging industry to move product from farm to fork. Protecting their health is extremely critical in safeguarding civilian food security and progress.

Besides that, CHD Group is also providing food survival ration to households holding BPL cards and daily wage labourers.

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