MHA grants FCRA to CHD Group, Mangalore

The Government of India’s Ministry of Home Affairs has granted FCRA to CHD Group ( Center for Health and Development) in an order this week.

CHD Group has been a long-standing Government of India partner and has championed public health risk reduction across the country. CHD has been among the very few organizations who have revolutionized public healthcare & disaster health in India and is among the leading NGOs expanding across the globe at a very fast rate.

CHD has impacted over 3 million lives till date working in 6873 villages of India and they have done this within 6 years time.

CHD now is focused at building state of the art community hospitals across India and to improve the state of public health in India aligned with the Government of India’s missions and to also work towards the happiness index in India.

CHD works with corporations and MNCs in implementing high quality CSR programmes which are enabling the achievement of Sustainable Development Goals laid down by member nations at the United Nations. Additionally they also work on policy related matter with diplomatic missions. 

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