CHD Group bringing innovation into mobile medical clinics in India

For too long, companies and governments have been working on the model of mobile medical units in India. But there has always been a lack of things at these MMUs which strengthen institutional mechanisms by building power from below. CHD Group which is a public health organization works with corporate partners across the country and has brought in a unique model of healthcare delivery unlike something ever seen before.

CHD Group runs mobile medical units built on the model of social & commercial determinants of health where integration stands at the very heart of the health system.

Dr. Edmond Fernandes, who is a community health physician and CEO, CHD Group says that, “Disruptive technology is not required to build primary health systems, but a sincere grass-root effort beyond photo-optics which many institutes engage in.”

CHD Group propagates the idea of the door-step doctor at a time in India where there is acute shortage of doctors. This is additionally strengthened by mobile laboratory, a robust health team which works on health intelligence reports and which strategically brings in grass-root level change indicators by facility based integration techniques.

Dr. Edmond says that, “the pride felt in serving fellow men and women is much more important than merely good income, the community gratitude is much more permanent. He says that corporate companies with a vision and a mission for sincere social responsibility have come forward to embrace the model which CHD Group is penetrating into India’s heartlands. Dr. Edmond believes that community ownership in healthcare is absolutely important to register more public health victories.

A mobile medical unit cannot merely be a come and go enterprise, it needs to change the very fabric of healthcare in the communities that benefit from the same, says a colleague from CHD Group.

CHD Group has been working along with Governments, United Nations Agencies, Corporate partners and selected academia in shaping healthcare futures in India and also advocating for global health needs across the world.

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