Mobile Healthcare for COVID-19 response in Karnataka


India is currently facing the world’s worst surge in coronavirus infections, reporting about one in three of all newly confirmed COVID cases worldwide over the past few days. Large parts of the country are now under lockdown, with overburdened hospitals being inaccessible to many groups. We believe that mobile healthcare delivery can play an important role in effectively supporting underserved populations during pandemics, and can do so in a cost-effective manner.

Mobile Medical Units can help the Karnataka government track down COVID-19 infections in remote localities in the state. Paramedics, nurses and lab technicians kitted out in protective gear would fan out across the state in the mobile units and check on families in out-of-the way areas and with zero access to health care.

CHD Group and core partners will deploy this response to aid Government of Karnataka


  1. It will provide for curative and preventive care, vaccination campaign, routine blood test support, follow up care and tele-medicine consultation when needed.
  2. People who are suffering from other medical ailments during this time can receive care from home, without entering medical facilities, minimizing the chances of transmission resulting in containing the virus. 80% of people don’t need to visit a hospital, de-bunking panic and fear will be cut off through the mobile health system

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