Support solicited towards Senior Citizens Residence & Community Health Center


To create a safe, sustainable, quality environment that supports elder care by providing all requirements of a home for those who wish to enjoy a lavish and luxurious retirement amidst nature’s abode.

Background of why a Senior’s Residence is necessary:

According to a 2019 study, there are approximately 139 million Indians over the age of 60—roughly 10% of the population. This number is projected to reach 158.7 million in 2025, and surpass the population of children below 14 years of age, by 2050. Of this 10%, two-thirds live in villages and nearly half belong to a poor socioeconomic background. Half of the Indian elderly are dependents, often due to widowhood, divorce, or separation, the majority (70%) of which are women. Southern states of the country—Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Kerala, have some of the highest elderly population rates.

A nation-wide survey to map multiple health, social and economic issues faced by the aging population revealed that senior citizens in Karnataka are among the worst victims of ill-treatment in the country.

The average Indian middle class today is under-going a rapid transition where children are unable to look after their elderly parents due to migration requirements, professional compulsions and changing family structures. This trend pushes for solutions around setting up of Senior Citizen Residences that can address this problem in a professional manner.

In terms of public health challenges facing the elderly, Nearly one-third of the 60 plus population suffers from visual and hearing impairment, which is the highest in India and double than the national average of 15%. Half of the older adults, belonging to the age group of 45 and above, are diagnosed with restrictive lung diseases. In the 60 and above population, nearly 10% suffer from chronic lung disease. Both are among the highest in the country. The study also shows that Karnataka senior citizens depend largely on private healthcare facilities and shell out India’s highest amount of out-of-pocket expenditure (Rs 1,25,825) among all the states.

More than 60% of senior citizens in the state face multiple functional limitations in living in a community and almost 40% need assistance. While aging is a natural process, it gets tougher over time. Chronic and mental conditions deteriorate, making life more difficult to navigate. Old age requires more attention to nutrition, diet and overall mental and physical well-being, making the need for a specialized geriatric care facility obvious. Senior citizens may feel socially isolated due to their ailments, while others may need continuous care and assistance with even basic tasks.

CHD Group attempts to bridge the gap by bringing in quality driven professional healthcare approach to geriatric living and caring. We want to create an environment that supports affordable living and affordable healthcare without compromising quality putting people at the heart of sustainable progress.


●          Accommodation

●          Fine Dining hall & Room Service Meals

●          State of the Art Auditorium

●          Central Library

●          Nursing Practitioner and Nursing Aides 24 x 7

●          Physician Visits and Specialty visits along with a community health center round-the-clock

●          Laundry and housekeeping

●          Wi-Fi Enabled Campus with CCTV Surveillance and Trained Dogs

●          In-house Banking, Grocery, Tailoring and other errands

●          Recreation rooms

●          Indoor Theatre with OTT Streaming Schedules

●          Lounge area

●          Garden & Walkways

●          Cultural events

●          Parking

●          24 x 7 Security

●          Gated community

●          Yoga Sessions, Musical Evenings and many more


  • Run by a team of doctors, global health professionals, retired Industry leaders, management professionals and social workers
  • Highest element of transparency and accountability
  • Permanent Investments that will survive generations & benefit multitudes
  • Global Quality and International scale
  • Worldwide visibility
  • A cause that is larger than the sum of individual good that puts people at the heart of living and has no mixture of religion, politics of any kind.


The project construction will take off immediately once sufficient funds are received. Completion of the project may take around 1 year and 6 months – phase wise. Pre-cast technology will be used to build the project which will be completed in a time bound manner.


The project will be affordable in nature for anyone wishing to seek assisted living facility and is open to people of all walks of life, religious beliefs and cultural practices. The Community Health Center will be accessible to the general public.

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