CHD Group and Digital Mojo Japan sign MoU for Health Tech

CHD Group, India which is a public health organization based in Mangalore has signed a MoU with Digital Mojo Japan Corporation, a technology firm based in Tokyo, Japan. The same was signed this week in Tokyo represented by Dr Edmond Fernandes, CEO, CHD Group and Kayoko Tsuchiya, CEO, Digital Mojo Japan Corporation.

The two institutions will establish comprehensive healthcare tech co-operation towards strengthening India-Japan relations in the developmental and CSR sector. Through industry institution interaction, the two organizations will work with different local partners and governments to ensure shared growth among the two countries. Digital Mojo Japan will be the technology arm of CHD Group in Japan and CHD Group will further the public health agenda towards bringing Japanese tech innovations into Indian markets and fostering Indo-Japan relations.

Variety of thematic consultative ideations, Social Entrepreneurial sessions, Hackathons and academic-field based mandates will serve to consolidate the dialogue.

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