CHD Group : Dr Edmond Fernandes invited for Social Entrepreneurs Dialogue in Japan

Mangalore: Dr Edmond Fernandes, Founder and CEO, CHD Group has been invited to Japan to engage and address the panel on Next Generation Social Entrepreneurs on 26th March, 2018 in Tokyo. 

The event will be inaugurated by Noble Peace Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus, well-known for his micro credit concept and the Founder of Grameen Bank in Bangladesh. Muhammad Yunus will be talking about a world of three zeroes, which is a book he recently published around the world. 
Dr. Edmond Fernandes will be on the panel with 3 other social entrepreneurs from around the world who have been invited to discuss their ideas and agenda to build social entrepreneurship and promote a socially and morally relevant entrepreneurial model which changes human destinies forever. 
The panel will be chaired by Prof Otaki and inputs on social innovation and social business will be provided by Noble Prize Winner Muhammad Yunus. 
Dr Edmond will represent the healthcare industry social entrepreneurship segment and will talk about his work in India and the challenges and solutions for Indiaand Asia in the new age. 
Dr Edmond Fernandes started CHD Group during his internship at the age of 23. Inspite of numerous challenges faced, he has successfully ensured the meteoric rise of CHD Group. The CHD Group works with different government departments, corporate institutions, public sector units, UN Agencies and academic institutions around the world to further public health risk reduction initiatives and build strategic industry institution partnerships in strengthening global agenda and ensuring mutually inclusive growth. 
The programme is being spear-headed by Hiroko Kawahara, President, Earth Identity Project and partnered with Asia Digital Mojo, headed by Kayoko Tsuchiya. 

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