Village Walkathon – First of its Kind Undertaken by CHD Group

CHD Group under the leadership of Dr. Edmond Fernandes and colleagues along with Jokatte Grama Panchayat and ONGC-MRPL as a CSR partner held a low key Village Walkathon at Shediguri Village area. The purpose of this walkathon was to motivate people in villages to engage in regular walking to prevent non communicable diseases which is steeply rising in rural India.

This was the first of its kind village walkathon ever held in this region where a single village is picked to be drivers of community health and change. Ladies turned out in great numbers, wearing sarees for the walkathon. The walk for health started at Thokur main road and went about for 3 kilometres ending at the same place.

CHD Group Mobile healthcare unit was stationed for observation and monitoring on the sidelines during the walk. Representatives of Jokatte Panchayat, Ravindra, PDO Asaf and several community elders were present. CHD Group representatives, Jeevandhar Shettighar, Iroll Magnus, Cynthia and Doreen were also present.


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