Fireside chat with Advocate Deepika Pushkar Nath, a champion of human rights and justice

CHD Group team caught up for a fireside chat with Adv. Deepika Pushkar Nath, India’s renowned & respected lawyer, a champion of human rights and social development whose work has impacted and shaped thousands and thousands of lives across the country. CHD Group expresses gratitude on record to Adv. Deepika for her time in interacting with us and sharing her thoughts on social change & inspiring our circles.

1.         What has been your biggest motivation to practice law?

My biggest motivation behind the idea of practicing law comes from a place of realisation. I realise my social responsibility thus I am trying my best to ensure justice to the needy through that realisation. So, basically my practice is synonymous with achieving justice in favour of the aggrieved.

2.         You are a very highly respected and sought-after lawyer in the country. How do you manage your time?

Time management in my profession is actually a tumultuous affair. Handling cases, engaging in social activism and human development, parenting and family commitments and ensuring time bound justice within the possible realms of law makes life very demanding and naturally consumes energies. But like it is said, the busier it gets, the better we get. That’s been my journey.

Advocate Deepika Pushkar Nath

3.         The youth and particularly budding law students and practitioners look upto you as a beacon of hope and inspiration, does it get overwhelming at times?

I wouldn’t say that it doesn’t get overwhelming to be honest. The hopes I have ignited in people who look up to me keeps me humbled and pushes me towards leading a disciplined life. It has its perils but I’d say the virtues and positives outweigh miniscule perils by a fair margin in this regard.

4.         What change you aspire from the law & justice system?

I want it to be more accessible, more accountable and swifter in its operation with a fair inclusivity of all.

Adv. Deepika Pushkar Nath at the Chamber

5.         The country is facing an overload of litigations and judicial burden is rising, what is your idea of speedy justice and how can this be achieved?

There can be many policies which can be discussed in this connection but neither the time nor the space provides me that luxury to tell you about it at length. Precisely speaking, we need more judges, accountability by having regular audits of the cases and an expeditious disposal of cases.

7.         What motivates you to help others?

My conception about the idea of justice motivates me to be readily available to help anyone in need.

8.         A message to young minds who look upto you with love and inspiration?

Everyone out there seeking a better world and a better tomorrow for themselves shall start working in that direction by starting the change in their own-self. One should always be ready to fight injustice without any fear by holding on to feelings of love.

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